Credere In Te.
Credere In Te.
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Asking Alexandria 2014

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my fucking god!

My body is cramping. I got to meet and greet the band so excited. National Service in September. Golden Village CSA. 

Just updating.

Original photos from the opening of HIMYM

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Looking Up. February.

So.. I got a job. I’m a Personal Trainer at Sky Fitness now. I am really glad. Atlantis is next week. Oh god AZZURA I miss beach parties! I’m earning alot of money… Too much actually to the point where I have no idea what to do with them. Can somebody actually earn too much money. Oh well… guess I’m saving up for college. I get to spoil my family with clothes and food and stuff which is nice. My sister is going to have the shopping spree of her lifetime next month!

I’m tired. It’s the new year but I have no idea why I’m not happy. It’s my birthday month and I don’t know why I’m not excited for it. Maybe it’s because I’ll be broke on my birthday. This sucks. I have no friends who would ask me out on my birthday. My love life is lost in the abyss and I miss being in a relationship. 

Road to Nutriman 2014

This is it, my diet starts now. I did the Math and came down to the conclusion that I will consume a total of 437g of Protein a day. Which means 3.59kg of Protein a week!

Which also means 13547g of Protein will be consumed from the 23 of December till’ the 23 of January!

Can’t wait to get started. Training will vary.

This is it. The road to Nutriman 2014 starts now!

Kim, I dont know what your expectations were. All I know is that in my capability , I did everything I could to show you how much I love you
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